“The Waters and the Wild” Ocean Images and Entities  Oils on Canvas

“Come away, “O human child!
To the waters and the wild,
With a faery, hand in hand…..”
-The Stolen Child , WB Yeats-

Debra Sievers, a native of Southern California, began creating art at a very young age. In response to the rural isolation of her childhood home, she created her own world of beauty and magic – daily recording the natural world around her. Her formal art education started at Philadelphia College of Art and continued in New York at the Art Students League and New York Academy of Design. Debra’s studies with several contemporary masters had a profound effect on her art, culminating with six arduous months of intense training in France with Ted Seth Jacobs.

A passionate wanderer, Debra has found inspiration living in many different environments. Her favorites include New York City, Taos, New Mexico, and her beloved Greek island, Poros, where she spent two years painting the local landscape and people while renovating an old shepherd’s cottage. Considered an accomplished portrait painter, Debra has recently expanded her subjects from people to the planet. Beginning with drawings and paintings of ancient olive trees, she eventually shifted from land to sea. A life-long ocean lover, Debra was inspired to paint the relationships of light, movement and water when she moved to the California’s Central Coast several years ago. She considers her wave paintings “portraits capturing a moment in time”. To her astonishment, Nature Spirits are beginning to show up in her paintings- sometimes just as sparkles of light, other times as detailed portraits.  She blames it on the Faeries.

Debra’s art can be found in numerous resorts, casinos and galleries around the world. She’s been a featured artist at New York’s Art Expo and her paintings have been on many magazine covers. Debra currently lives, paints and teaches art in both Shell and Long Beach California.

Art After Dark : Debra Sievers

Art After Dark : Debra Sievers